Gangsta Wraps is more than you expect!

Only one thing excites us more than cars and that’s hip hop. Driving and gangsta rap have gone hand in hand ever since Eazy was cruising down the street in a 6-4!. In our New Location, Sumner is only a 23 minute drive south from the Brisbane CBD. In our shop you will find a staff of young creative minds ready to get grimy on your wheels. Each car that leaves our shop gets an individual and distinguished finish and a guarantee to get you looks.

We represent more than a brand or a shop, we represent a lifestyle. It doesn’t make a difference to us whether low and slow is your thing, or fast and furious gives you movement cause we love all things custom! Want to know more about us, get in touch via social media or here.

Bring your car on down to the Shop for a free quote / consultation. We can bring any dream into reality.