Colour Change Wraps

When it comes to colour change wraps Gangsta Wraps pride ourselves on our creations. We are changing the car wrap scene in Brisbane by teaming up our auto styling with colour change vinyl wrapping. When you leave our shop you will be grinning from ear to ear breaking neck’s all over the streets of Brisbane.

We have wrapped most makes and models of vehicles and have experience in everything from chrome through to matte applications. We only stock and use the best of the best materials such as: Avery Dennison, 3M, Hexis, Arlon and more. It only takes a quick browse through our Showroom to know you are in safe hands with your pride and joy.

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Find the Best Car Wraps in Brisbane

Passion and experience matter when you need a solid option for car wraps.

Making your mark on your vehicle isn’t just about tricking out the interior with incredible customisations. Do you want to turn heads everywhere you go? You need your ride to look fresh — and a stock paint job isn’t going to get the job done. Along with top tier auto styling, options such as colour change car wraps open the door to tonnes of new and exciting options. At Gangsta Wraps, you’ve got access to everything you need to make sure you’ve got the dopest car around — and to keep all eyes on you as you drive around with your vehicle wrap in Brisbane. Check out how we make it happen.

Solving Problems Related to Vehicle Wrapping in Brisbane with Gangsta Wraps

When you want a full vinyl car wrap, why should you have to spend time hunting down a service that can achieve what you want? At Gangsta Wraps, our top team of pros aims to eliminate the same problems that inspired us to make a start, including:

  • Hearing “we can’t wrap that.” Say what? Those words aren’t in our vocabulary. With innovative techniques and a can-do approach, we’ll tackle even the toughest full vehicle wraps.
  • An inability to execute the vision you have for making a statement on the road. Some of our customers like to leave it up to us, but when you know precisely what you want, you know. We do our best to understand and translate it to reality.
  • Unreliable quality and inconsistent outcomes that lead to a wrap with obvious deficiencies. Our staff take great care to ensure a defect-free finished product.

With a service that delivers top value for your dollar and a team that understands how to make your car look its best, you can make an impression with ease.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Full Car Vinyl Wrap

Leaving a precious possession such as your vehicle with someone, even a team of pros, can be a little nerve-wracking — you want the best results, after all. So how can you make sure that that’s what you receive? Try these tips:

  • Start with a clear idea of how you’d like the finished product to look. Whether it’s a graphic, an array of colours and accents, or something highly specialised, have the end in mind when you begin.
  • Collaborate with your wrappers to make sure every detail is right. We love it when our clients stay involved — be a part of the process.
  • Leave the job in the hands of a team that knows how to produce dope results. If you’re at Gangsta Wraps, you’ve already accomplished this one — good job.

Why Use Gangsta Wraps?

With the kind of street cred that only comes from high-class results, Gangsta Wraps is changing the game in Brisbane when it comes to wrapping, paint protection, styling, and more. Why take your car to three or four different shops when you could have it all done right here? Find out more about how we can give you the best-looking results around when you contact us online.