Like no other Product, System X Diamond provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Our longest-lasting coating, System X Diamond blankets your vehicle in a slick glossy shell of ceramic protection that enhances all colours. Meaning blacks will appear blacker, Red will pop with bright reflections and White and Silver will appear as if dipped in glass.


Representing a revolutionary advance in paint-protection, our popular System X Pro Ceramic Coating imparts a durable, colour enhancing gloss which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust stainless steel, & wheels. The System X Pro also acts as a second clear coat that provides increased protection against the elements.


System X Glass protects your windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors and headlamps and glass surfaces from micro scratches while multiplying the surfaces hydrophobic properties. So enjoy increased visibility in the rain, quick de-icing in the winter and easy to clean insect matter in the summer. No need to pull out harsh solvents or grime cutters to clean your windshield.


System X interiors protects your interior surfaces, like fabric seats, carpet, leathers & vinyl. Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly. Easy to apply by hand, low odor, and quick drying. Provides years of Protection to interior surfaces without changing the colour of leather or effecting the softness of fabrics when applied.


Our value aeronautics coating, System X Renegade Ceramic Nano Coating offers over a year’s protection in the harsh aeronautics environment – Helping to minimise the corrosive effects of everything from acid rain to bird lime, solvents, deicing solutions, exhaust fumes, friction, and heat. It is a proven performer having passed rigid Boeing approval testing and temperature tolerance that exceeds 1,000 degrees.


Our premier marine coating, System X Xtreme Ceramic Nano Coating offers extreme hardness and resilience for the most demanding conditions System X Xtreme Ceramic Nano Coating is our most effective coating for protecting against friction, heat & solvents. Harnessing the industries most durable ceramic technology, it offers the ultimate protection again salt water and corrosive environments.


Get Ceramic Paint Protection in Brisbane

Protect your vehicle’s sexy good looks with ceramic paint protection.

How can you keep your car looking as good as the day it rolled out of the paint shop? The glossy shine, the vibrant colours, the perfect surface — is there any way to make that magic last? Believe it or not, the answer is a strong yes. At Gangsta Wraps, we know it can be tough work keeping your ride in good condition when you’re busy hustling — so we make it easy to take advantage of incredible options including ceramic paint protection, a semi-permanent mod that keeps that paint looking fresh.

Other Services We Provide Alongside Ceramic Paint Protection in Brisbane

That’s not all we do; in fact, Gangsta Wraps should be the only stop you need to make to achieve everything you want when it comes to the aesthetics of your set of wheels. Here’s what else we can provide for you:

  • Top of the line car styling. From simple stripes to bespoke full-car work, we can execute any vision to the highest level of fidelity. Roll your car back out of the shop looking like a brand new machine.
  • Custom window tinting. Keep the sun out, keep your interior cooler, and oh yes — make it look dope, too! We can tint your windows to your preferred level of darkness.
  • Customised wheels and tyres, including complete packages, to redefine the visual aesthetic of your ride with a simple swap.

Paint Problems That Gangsta Wraps Can Help You Address

Let’s get back to the paint protection — how can we help? How can one type of coating provide a supposedly magical effect on your paint? It’s designed to solve problems, and that’s what it does. Here’s what you can avoid by using one of our ceramic solutions:

  • Quit spending tons of cash to re-wax your car every few months when you can retain an incredible glossy shine with a ceramic protection layer. Because it bonds directly to the paint, it can’t wash away — so no need to worry about the rain.
  • Fading and oxidisation caused by long-term exposure to harsh sunlight in Brisbane. All paint wears out this way eventually, but ceramic protection is UV-resistant and keeps fading at bay.
  • Etching due to natural acids and dulling caused by dirt and grime. Etched paint is easy to spot on most cars that have suffered under exposure to the elements, but the barrier created by a layer of ceramic particles keeps those contaminants away.

Your car shouldn’t turn heads only for a few months after you invest in styling or a paint job — it should keep all eyes fixed on you for as long as you like. Enjoy that glossy sheen for a longer time with our protection solutions.

About Gangsta Wraps

With deep local roots and a long-running passion for stand-out cars, we’re making a name for ourselves in Brisbane by providing the most well-rounded car styling service you’ll find. Driven and committed to our clients, we won’t let you down when it comes to executing your vision faithfully. Contact us today to learn more or to share your ideas about what you’d like to do to your vehicle.