Tinted Car windows in Brisbane is a MUST, especially the last few summers we’ve had. Darkening your car windows helps to stop harmful U.V rays from entering your vehicle and damaging your interior or your loved ones. Not only does it look cool it keeps you cool inside your vehicle. This reduces A/C which reduces fuel costs. The whole process saves you money in the long run and ALL our car window servicing comes with a lifetime warranty for that ease of mind.

5% Protection
10% Protection
15% Protection
20% Protection
25% Protection
30% Protection
35% Protection

We offer different shades of UV protection from 5% to the very darkest legal 35% tint. Car window tinting is a 3-4 hour process so you can wait in our air-conditioned office or leave the vehicle with us for half a day and pick it up when you’re ready.

Generally booking can made within 7 days but to fast track your window service, get in touch now. Protect yourself from UV in style today.