Is it legal to tint tail lights?

Is it legal to tint tail lights?

At Gangsta Wraps we are constantly asked, “what are the legalities of headlight tinting and tail light tinting?” in Brisbane or even Queensland. The truth is it seems to be a major grey space in the mod world. I am not a traffic lawyer nor am I an officer of the law so this is 100% not to be taken as legal advice but more a guide of info I have found on the matter, in other words, don’t rip this out if you get booked doing burnouts in your bagged Commodore with nightshade spray paint on your headlights.

Headlight tint, when installed by professionals, is a classy touch to finish your ride. Headlight tint, when installed by professionals, is a classy touch to finish your ride.
Light black tint installed at Gangsta Wraps with an eyelid. www.gangstawraps.com.au

This information I have found in the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995

71. Performance of tail-lights (1) When on, a tail-light of a vehicle must— (a) show a red light visible 200m from the rear of the vehicle; and (b) not use over 7W. (2) A tail-light fitted to a street rod vehicle may incorporate a blue lens not over 20mm in diameter.

Now having read this you think ok its legal to do a light black tint where my bulbs are still visible within the perimeters of the road use management act 1995, right?…. WRONG! Any modification of a light imported under an Australian standard is classed to be illegal in the Police handbook. Having said that a light black tint installed professionally is a very subtle change which I personally have never been booked for. At the end of the day if you are worried about the legalities of your mods light tinting probably is not one for you.


Tinting - Gangsta WrapsDark black tail light tint by https://www.gangstawraps.com.au

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