Why use ceramic coating on vinyl car wrap?

People often ask me what are the advantages of using 9h ceramic nano coatings on vinyl wraps? Ceramic coatings have come a long way over the years and to be honest in my personal opinion I think they do a better job protecting vinyl car wraps than they do protecting paint. The biggest advantage is the 9h hardness it adds to the car wrap. This helps with road grime, dirt or sand from scratching or tearing your wrap or your wrap becoming porous. Another advantage is it makes it a lot easier to clean. Constant scrubbing and blasting your car wrap is not good for the lifespan and will wear it down faster. The nano technology lets water, mud and other contaminants glide right off of your vehicle wrap keeping it clean and fresh over the years to come. I have found from personal experience especially on wraps like the satin pearl white this technology is undeniably the best on the market for protection.

Another great advantage of using ceramic coatings on your wrap is how much it makes the colours pop. When we lay our vehicle wraps the colours are very vibrant, ceramic takes the finish of the colour to another level. It becomes more of a wet look finish on gloss and makes metallic shine bright like a diamond. Having said this there are different types of ceramic coatings for different types of wraps. You would not want to get these mixed up as a gloss finishes and matte finishes react differently. You can easily destroy your wraps finish by using the wrong product on it.


Ceramic Paint Protection - Gangsta WrapsMatte finish car wrap finished with ceramic paint protection.


Ceramic Paint Protection - Gangsta WrapsGloss finish wrap finished with ceramic paint protection


As you can see from the pictures these finishes are extremely different. Leave this up to a professional store to do or do your research and speak with guys who have experienced before trying this. I have found these coating work best when applied straight after the wrap is laid sometimes one week on the road is too long as far as sealing off that fresh finish goes. Gangsta Wraps offer ceramic wrap protection, paint protection, and clear wrap paint protection film or PPF. Contact us today for advice or quotes on your next project.